Extensometers service in Slovenia

Instalace nového typu extenzometru TM72 v jeskyni Županova Jama

Regular service and maintenance of the Slovenian extensometric network took place on 10 and 11 November 2021. In cooperation with ZRC SAZU Karst Research Institute in Postojna, a new TM72 automatized extensometer was installed in the Županova jama (Županova Cave). This is the newest version developed by IRSM CAS. Županova site is equipped by radon Rn222 monitor too and both instruments create a local underground laboratory to observe development along the significant fault, crossing the cave. This fault has an affinity to near the Želimlje, Dobrepolje, and Žužemberk faults, which are possible seismogenic sources for the 1895 Ljubljana earthquake (Mw = 6). Successful cooperation between both institutions started in 2004 and led to many mutual publications. Recently, there are six automatized extensometric sites in the Postojna Cave, the Kostanjeviška Cave and the Županova Cave.

The photo shows an installation of the TM72 extensometer, which substituted the previous TM71 automatized gauge in the Županova Cave.