Maintenance of Greek stations in the time of Covid

Fotografie ukazuje kreativitu řeckých sprejerů ve stanici Paravola.

In the week between 5 and 10 October 2020, regular maintenance of seismic stations of the PSLNET network took place. Unfortunately, the problematic covid situation in our republic also affected the otherwise routine maintenance of stations. In addition to the mandatory test at Covid, we also had to pass a fast coronavirus test at Athens Airport. Stricter security measures in Greece have also limited contact with our Greek colleagues at the University of Patras, and usually very intensive cooperation has been reduced to taking over the necessary material and brief consultations.

The maintenance itself included the inspection of stations with technical problems:
• Loutraki station - replacement of the Guralp CMG-5TD accelerometer
• Sergoula station - replacement of the internal disk of the Guralp CMG-5TD accelerometer
• Prodromos station - inspection of new power line, replacement of internal disk at Guralp CMG-5TD accelerometer
• Paravola station - check the battery status
• Pylos station - replacement of the defective Guralp CMG-3T sensor with Trilium 120PA. Modem control.
• AnoChora station - battery replacement and telemetry recovery (modem reset).

The photo shows the creativity of Greek sprayers in the Paravola station.